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13 Song Compact Disc - Released January 2010 - Retrospect Records

Band Members: Richard Lindsey, Pat Park, Bill Haertel, Damian Pampena, Michael Mansfield

Song Listing: 1. Naughty Naughty - 2. Lost in America - 3. Lonely Ones - 4. We Will Rock - 5. Southbound - 6. Hollywood Delight - 7. In My Dreams - 8. I'm the Man - 9. Uptown Saturday Night - 10. Child's Play - 11. Mutiny in the Nursery - 12. Move It - 12. Lady

Cover Art: Brandon Messenger


Lost in America is actually 3 EP's rolled into one album.

The very first LYNZEE EP "LYNZEE" was recorded in 1989 with Jimmy Hoyson producing. It featured the songs: "Lost in America, Southbound, Child's Play and I'm the Man." It was originally self -released on cassette.

"Front Page Sessions" was the second LYNZEE EP. It was recorded in 1991 at Front Page Recorders with Charlie Watts producing. It was originally released in cassete format containing the songs: "Lonely One, Move It and Mutiny in the Nursery."

These original EP's were released in 2002 on compact disc through Darknight Entertainment. The disc "Sessions" included the seven songs plus"In My Dreams" and "Lady." These additional songs were recorded during the Front Page session in 1991.

The final four songs: "Naughty Naughty, We Will Rock, Hollywood Delight and Uptown Saturday Night" were recorded in 2009 by the reformed trio. They were recorded at the Batcave Studio, produced by Richard Lindsey. These songs were actually among the oldest in the LYNZEE catalog and were some of the favorites played live during the band's days on the Sunset Strip. They were recorded especially for this Retrospect Records release.

Lost in America